Ethics of Crafting

Materials I use are stone, fabric, leather, wood and bone. That also means I have to consider what are my ethical approaches in using those materials in my crafting. Knowing these topics are long-term dabates and always need new reflection in our world that is constantly under massive changes, I want to be aware of […]


In some of my items you might come up with runes and so called bindrunes. Runes go long way back to The Viking Age ( started 793 AD and lasted about 300 hunded years)and even further to times runes were first invented. There are plenty of information available on runes these days and some of […]


Before our linguistic comprehension of the world we were all connected in eco-systemic way and our consciousness existed through those billions of connections in nature. When our symbolic universe slowly developed from signs and symbols to linguistic words with all sorts of meanings and to the spoken language, our consciousness separated and slowly isolated from […]