We are all connected somehow. My inner passion and spirituality is to help us all become more aware of our unique existence. I have been given the awareness and skill to bring forth our inner spirituality and the true self through the items I make. I can not walk your spiritual path. I may never fully understand its true nature but what i can do is to help you to find your way to walk and to choose your path. My items are here to empower you to tell your story. The Saga Of You.

Let Me tell you a story. Story of Me. My life has been such a long journey and as being a journey it has been that mostly in an existential and spiritual way. Since I was a kid I had this inner passion and calling to look beyond things and not just to observe what things seem to be. To me people were primarily emotions, connections, energy and presence and secondarily what they looked like or talked about.

In early age i noticed that expressing my inner world through art is more natural for me than using words. I felt the items i make fill up with the spirit i was about to channel. But as I got older I felt like this was something I should hide and become more rational and less expressive.

I was raised in strongly religious home and it was all about it. In my existential struggling I turned to this same path as my way to reach out to my spirituality and to get answers to my existence and get myself a well-grounded life. To consider my backround it was very natural thing to happen in a way.

It took many many years for me to realize that it was not my way. It was not my story. It was not about me. My spirituality was still lacking it’s true identity and the more honestly I studied theology, philosophy and got involved in its experiental world the more aware i became of that i was not fitting in with the big picture. That world would never truly accepted who I was. I was constantly in contradiction with its primary nature. It could not stand those sincere questions I had. It was never going to be about me but a destruction of my true identity. So I left.

All of sudden it all felt so clear. I was finally with myself. A child again. Watching life, people and things through my heart. Not through an ideology, religion or cold science. Once again i could feel things around me.

That’s when my Art started to live again. I understood that I can make something to help people become who they really are. I can create items they connect with and can see themselves using or wearing or having them. That’s when the saga of me began. And The Saga of You.

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