Identity Item is an item to empower your true nature and self. We all have our natural self and flow in our hearts. I want to help you to celebrate it by making an item that resonates to your innermost being. This will help you stand out for yourself, draw your personal lines and achieve things you deserve and get rid of things that poison your identity.

You wear it and live it.

To give you an example the item can be a necklace, ring, amulet, hair accessory, bracelet, belt or other item like that.

Identity Item includes:

  1. Story.  Personal Talk with you. I want to feel you and help you feel yourself. Share with me your story.
  2. Resonation. Going Back to nature – which means Choosing your identity materials. Options are stone, leather, bone and wood or a combination of these.
  3. Interact. “Breaking the silence” – Choosing the form and possible symbols (runes, pattern etc.) We may find your Rune.
  4. Come Forth. Final Item sent to you.

    I will guide you through every step to the final item.