Ethics of Crafting

Materials I use are stone, fabric, leather, wood and bone.

That also means I have to consider what are my ethical approaches in using those materials in my crafting. Knowing these topics are long-term dabates and always need new reflection in our world that is constantly under massive changes, I want to be aware of my own view and what is the debate I personally have with myself.

My Overall ethics of handicrafting.

NO to mass production and factories.I stay on unique handmade crafting. I try to use hand tools as much as possible and avoid use of machines. I try to help people become aware how much more beauty and spirit is in items that are not made by computers or laser machines but by human skill and devotion. You can feel items and you know they are made by human to human. With love and passion. And each of those items are unique even when they are made to order items that have certain standard design.

Stone. There is not much ethics to think of in using stones. Except I have to ask the landowner If I need it from places that are not my property.

Bone. I mainly use reindeer antler. The reason for this is because they naturally shed their antler and there is no need for hunting them to get materials. If I use any other bone I know the story behind the material. In Finland hunting is one of the most regulated actions to take in our country. Hunting in Finland goes hand in hand with protection of nature by keeping the balance.

Leather.The leather I use comes from Tränsjö Garver which has been granted certifcates for ORGANIC 100 Content Standard. Also some of my leather like reindeer leather comes from Finland Kemin Nahkatarvike and also from there I only use 100% organic materials. So no chrome tanned in any situation. I use organic veg tan leather only.Also use of reindeer leather is an ethical choice due to their natural farming.

Wood. I use a lot of recycled wood that is left over from construction site. Also some ofwood comes from my family. I do not use wood material that is rare or if it keeps essential part in eco-system in area it grows. For example if I use aspen I need to know a bit more about it since they are known to keep many complex organisms alive. I want to secure and protect that life. I mostly use human, animal and nature friendly wax oil in finishing the woodwork.

Fabric. The fabric is organic and whole chain of production is enviromental friendly and no violations of human rights are involved. I am always happy to give more specific answer about the origin of my materials so don’t hesitate to ask.